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About Us

Every line of our products has to go through strict quality control. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we will try our best to ensure our product and service quality meet the highest standard in the industry.

We have 20 years of experience in the disposable products industry and recently we just venture into e-commerce, including online marketplace like Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. We also provide service to customers who need private labels or custom printings. We connect local businesses with global manufacturers to provide our customers with high quality food services disposables at competitive prices. Dedicated to being your primary resource partner, thatpaperstore works to find the best solutions with premium products and services. Our flexible team works to help you connect with manufacturers worldwide to find the product you need. We are Globally Connected, Locally Selected. Send us an enquiry on what kind of products you need for your custom printing, we will try our best give you the best quote that meet your budget.