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[Case of 2500 Pack] 3.25oz/4oz/5.5oz Plastic Clear Portion Cups, Souffle Cups, Clear Lids Sold Separately

Original price $59.99 - Original price $90.99
Original price
$59.99 - $90.99
Current price $69.90
  • Convenient Packaging: This case includes 2500 packs of 3.25oz/4oz/5.5oz plastic clear portion cups, ideal for office breakrooms and cleaning supplies.
    Versatile Usage: Perfectly sized for salsa sauce, BBQ sauce, or nacho cheese, these portion cups are designed to prevent wastage while offering just the right amount for dipping.
    Leak-Free Design: Our portion cups are 100% leak-free and tightly sealed, ensuring no messy spills, making them perfect for office use.
    Stackable and Space-Saving: These portion cups are stackable, allowing for easy storage, organization, and quick accessibility when needed in an office environment.
    Clear Lids Sold Separately: Clear lids are available separately, providing a complete solution for maintaining freshness and cleanliness in the workplace.

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