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8oz Paper Coffee Cups - Disposable White Hot Cups for Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate

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    • Leak-resistant lining: The cups feature a lining that ensures resistance to leaking and moisture penetration, making them ideal for serving hot beverages without the risk of spills or leaks.
    • Thick paper wall for durability: With a thick paper wall, these cups are perfect for everyday use, providing durability and insulation for hot coffee, hot cocoa, or hot tea.
    • Suitable for high temperatures: These white paper cups are suitable for beverage temperatures up to 205 degrees F, ensuring that they can handle hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other hot beverages without compromising their integrity.
    • Versatile minimalist design: The plain white design of these cups allows for minimalist use or personalization, making them versatile for various occasions, events, or customization with your own branding.


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