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8oz Soup Containers with Lids - Disposable Soup Bowls with Lids, Ice-cream cups

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  • Versatile Usage: These 8oz Soup Containers with Lids are perfect for serving hot or cold foods, making them ideal for both soups and ice-cream, offering convenience and versatility in one package.
    Moisture Control: The steam vents design, featuring double layers with 4 holes inside and 2 holes outside the lid, effectively prevents moisture buildup, ensuring that your food stays warm without becoming watered down or soggy.
    Extended Freshness: Inner coated for prolonged food preservation, these containers keep your food fresh for longer periods, maintaining its quality and taste.
    Customizable Appeal: With a simple and basic design, these containers allow for creative personalization or serve as a minimalist option, catering to various preferences and styles.
    Eco-friendly Disposal: Disposable and environmentally friendly, these soup containers are designed for easy and responsible disposal, offering a sustainable solution for your food service needs.

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