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Vinis Variety Pack Tea Bags, 50 Count (Pack of 5) (Ginger Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Jasmine White Tea, Mint Green Tea, Chai White Tea) 250 Total Tea Bags

by Vinis
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Indulge in the flavors of the world with Vinis Variety Pack Tea Bags. This pack of 250 tea bags features 5 unique flavors, each with a distinct taste, and aroma that will take you on a sensory journey.

  • Ginger Black Tea - A bold and spicy blend that is perfect to warm you up on a chilly day
  • Jasmine Green Tea - A fragrant and refreshing tea that is rich in antioxidants
  • Jasmine White Tea - A delicate and floral blend that has a subtle sweetness
  • Mint Green Tea - An invigorating blend of green tea leaves with refreshing mint leaves for an extra kick
  • Chai White Tea - An exotic blend of white tea leaves infused with aromatic spices for an indulgent experience.

Crafted by Zhejiang Tea Group, each tea bag contains premium quality ingredients sourced from China.

This variety pack is perfect for sharing or trying new flavors to find your favorite one. With Vinis Variety Pack, indulge your senses in some delicious moments any time of day!